eHealth Card
eHealthOne - global, universal and highly secure Health Card and Insurance Card.

Universal Smart Health Card 

Many countries in the world today have smart health cards. First ones to implement smart cards in healthcare were Germany and France.

There are many functions smart health cards can perform: avoid medication over dosages, errors in prescriptions or general medical errors coming from the fact that doctors are missing crucial information. Personal ID information, critical medical data, insurance coverage, digital prescriptions ... you name it and we have all that and much more ... The solution is called the eHealthONE!

eHealthONE is far better than a standard health cards. It is an electronic smart health card which enables the card holder to carry their personal medical information at all times. The information is securely stored in the card and protected by a triple layer of security access features.

The best part is eHO card can be customized to your best ideas or needs precisely defined. We will gladly brand card to any name YOU want and built-in functionality that YOU need. Please browse sections of this site for more information. 


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Kampala University students show off their new health cards!

eHealthONE is beneficial for every user!

eHO is perfect solution regardless of geographical location

eHealthONE system works fine everywhere. That also means working with or without Internet feed. Since personal and medical records are securely stored in the chip they go where cardholder goes. Benefits of having useful and many times critical information in the pocket, independent of communications infra structure goes a long way. Not only helps EMS service to help best they can but also regular medical professionals, pharmacists, insurance and other entities that service medical care industry.

eHO has built-in tight integration with health insurance industry. As never before making a claim and getting paid has never been easier for every doctor involved with eHO. All electronic with extensive billing module before dreaded billing is now a breeze. Expensive and problematic international claims are not only possible with eHO but very easy. 


eHO card belongs to everybody's pocket. Have a medical records with you

eHealthONE is loaded with useful content

Features rich card!

eHO is multifunctional smart card. Not only has a personal ID information, contact information, allergies, medical data, digital prescriptions, vaccinations but also contains more details ... built into every card!

It is little known that all eHO cards are the same. There are no country specific ones. Different languages are possible to handle personal and medical information in the same way.

We recognized that eHO card will find int's way to Millions of people. To increase value of the card and reduce number of cards person needs to carry with him we added some options:

  • There is an advanced driver's license page in every card
  • Card has all advanced features of perfect ID card and can serve as National ID card
  • Card has advanced universal voting feature. It never expires
  • There are several ePurses available for dedicated medical expenses or general usage
  • Immigration, visas have a special page
  • eHO is customizable ...
Medical professionals love Medical Health Cards. Useful info at their fingertips securely stored in chip

Who is involved?

Every entity involved finds benefits in eHO

Everybody using eHealthONE finds it useful:

  • Patients get better and faster health care, everywhere. Critical info is available when seconds count. Cardholder maintains his own information. Save time, money and get convenience when visiting doctor. Actively fights identity fraud ... see more here
  • Doctors get rich content and info about patient as never before. Can validate ID of the patient, check live insurance coverage, avoid medical errors, write digital prescription, create billing claim in minute or less. get paid faster ... see more here
  • EMS gets instant patient's critical medical data. Insight into medical details. Simple laptop or dedicated tablet come as super handy tool as never before ... see more here
  • Pharmacy gets digital prescription that can't be fraudulent, avoid medication errors, easy billing to insurance companies ... see more here
  • Insurance gets whole subsystem with advanced billing, backoffice processing, anti-fraud features as never before. Every card and doctor's software has insurance tightly integrated ... see more here
  • Government finds 2 dedicated pages that nobody else can access. Advanced driver's license and page integrated with: personal ID info, visas, immigration and social assistance details ... see more here